iCarly - iDream in Toons

iCarly - iDream in Toons 32.0

iCarly - iDream in Toons is a hidden-object game for kids
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iCarly - iDream in Toons is a hidden-object game for kids in which you have to help Spencer find the truth about why he and his friends have turned into cartoons. Like in all games of this genre, the objective is to find all objects on the provided list. The scenes are pretty well-done and the objects are perfectly camouflaged with environment. If you have trouble finding an object, you can use one of the hints. You are provided with ten of them when the game starts, but then you can collect more. Also, if you need a clue, you can click on any object on the list to reveal its silhouette. Another useful tool you have is the magnifying glass, which allows you to enlarge areas difficult to see with the naked eye. As you progress, you can also collect other tools that can help you win the levels faster and more easily.
What is great about the game is that it includes lots of mini-games like puzzles, jigsaws puzzles, word games, spot-the-difference games, etc., which make the game even more enjoyable.
Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode, but it includes great variety of games that will surely keep you entertained for a while. As for the graphics, they are colorful and nice, but not really detailed. Sound effects are average and the music is suitable, but a bit repetitive.
All in all, iCarly - iDream in Toons is a nice hidden-object game for kids that definitely deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of mini-games
  • Nice theme
  • Collectible tools


  • Repetitive music
  • Only one mode
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